There are two types of retail experiences

Type 1
The type I stumble onto (traditional)
Type 2
The type I’m invited into (booked)

Here’s why

People don’t have to leave their homes to buy things anymore. This is not an understatement. Almost anything you want can be delivered within days, if not hours. So retailers have had to choose: close their stores and join the highly competitive D2C marketplace or add an experiential component to their retail operations.

The best of both worlds

But why not do both and outperform your competition? Adding bookable retail experiences to your business cements your role in customers’ lives because you’re curating happy memories for them. This is what consumers want more than anything else - positive memory creation. It has the added benefit of being a great social mission and a public good because happy memories have been proven to actively reduce anxiety.

When you offer booked experiences, know that third-party booking apps often ruin the customer experience and hurts your brand. You’ve carefully designed and curated your digital and physical storefronts so why ask your customer to jump to an unfamiliar booking/ticketing/reservation tool that destroys the brand experience? We get why retailers do this, by the way. Technology that facilitate booked experiences is complicated and difficult to integrate - but it’s worth the effort! Do not shove your customers off to Eventbrite or equivalent to close the deal. We believe you must control the entire experience at your domain, control the conversation, and hang on to all your customer data - cost-effectively.

Research has found that by savoring our positive memories we can increase positive emotions. It also has the capacity to reduce anxiety by reducing the way we attend to and experience threat, and it can ease the symptoms of depression by letting the world be seen less through a more optimistic, happier filter. ~Article

Memories are your best loyalty program

The memories made, with your brand at the center, transcend the value of what’s been consumed and result in higher average order values, more customer lifetime value, and FOMO generation - we’ve seen this work across almost every industry and business vertical (although there are the usual suspects in sports, entertainment, travel, and dining).

  • The candle I made at the homewares retailer is a memory prop for a great time me and my besties had.
  • The cooking class I took at the Kitchenware chain reminds me of how much I love the family I took the class with, how much I enjoy food, and how much I value the retailer that hosted me.

As retail has changed, retailers have inherited a new mission - happy memory creation. Join the party.

To get your juices flowing, here are some examples of retailers we’ve seen employing booked experiential to great success:

The Expected
  • Museums
  • Breweries, Wineries, and Distilleries
  • Workshops and classes held by retailers
  • Location-Based Entertainment (VR/AR fun, Laser tag, etc)
The Unexpected
  • Goat yoga
  • Cat Cafes
  • Hike to pop-up pubs in the mountains
  • Doughnut design masterclasses

Helpful Human exists to create the most effective digital solutions for retailers that understand they must bring people together to succeed. Gone are the days of hoping people stumble into your store. We are experts in helping you take control of the value of bringing people together with your brand at the center.

We structure our services around a simple roadmap for bookable retail.


I want to go to there

Consumers don’t have to leave their homes to buy anything, but they will for an experience. Build anticipation with pre-booked experiences and you will be at the center of their happy memories.

We use content strategy, design, and technology to cause your customers to “savor” the experience to come, increasing your ROI.


Hello, you!

The moment has arrived and your customer is walking through the door. Thoughtful experience design requires coordinated staging of digital and physical considerations. As a retailer, how you perform here makes a big difference the fulfillment of customer expectations. Nail this, and the experience to come will have a greater impact on your customer.


The moment has arrived

Here’s where you deliver the experience your customer has been waiting for. Whether a self-guided tour of your winery, a painting workshop, or multi-sensoral phygital experience, this experience will be on-brand and perfectly positioned thanks to our collaborative approach.


I’ll be back

Well-crafted retail experiences prompt memory creation and sharing. This results in positive and natural referral marketing as well as a strong desire to return for more. We design and integrate modern technology that automates most of this and help you identify strategic prompts throughout your brand-centric experience that drives customer adoption.

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